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Whether your case involves a breach of contract, breach of warranty, DTPA claim or a shareholder suit, business litigation is always about the bottom line. A typical commercial litigation case is document intensive causing a risk that the case will "take on a life of its own." Firth, Bunn, Kerr, Neill understands this risk and works to maintain the best possible results for your bottom line. We use the latest document management and litigation technology to ensure the best possible outcome at trial. We endeavor to ensure that your case does not spin out of control—focusing on results and the bottom line.

Business, Corporate and Partnership Disputes - Texas Business Litigation Attorney

Maintaining healthy communication and relationships within a business or corporate venture is of paramount importance to the success of any company. Nevertheless, many times a dispute arises either which cannot be overcome without assistance. When these disputes arise and are not expediently resolved they can lead to the financial demise of your business. Since corporate relationships are of such importance, gaining the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced business litigation attorney can be critical to your business's success. Your attorney can alleviate a great deal of the stress involved in facilitating an end to conflicts and disagreements.

Corporate and business disputes engulf your time, energy and resources. No matter the complex nature of a business disagreement, our legal team can pursue the best course of action to find an acceptable resolution. Many matters, though they seem impossible to resolve outside of the courtroom, can be settled through mediation or alternative dispute resolution—saving you time and money. While always seeking an amicable end to dispute our attorneys will also fight tenaciously for your interests at trial if necessary. Whatever your particular needs require, procuring the counsel of a skilled law firm such as Firth, Bunn, Kerr, Neill will allow you to focus on what is most important to you—running a successful business.

Contracts are a critical aspect in any business, and the careful drafting of these documents can assist business owners in avoiding costly disputes in the future. Preventing future problems and ensuring that if problems do arise that you or your business is protected in the contract is vital. The contracts should outline clearly, clearly and without confusing wording or terms, the remedies that the client has if the contracted firm or individual fails to uphold the terms of the contract. A Texas business litigation lawyer from Firth, Bunn, Kerr, Neill provides the skill and experience to draft even the most complex contracts with regard to real estate, leasing, construction, sales and distribution, and confidentiality and non-compete agreements among others.

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