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Are You a Commercial Landlord?

As a landlord or tenant, your real property is important to you. During the Term of a commercial lease, it is not uncommon for a dispute to occur. If you are experiencing a dispute over a lease, please speak with an attorney from Firtht, Bunn, Kerr, Neill immediately. Our firm has successfully assisted many commercial landlords, businesses, retail stores, restaurants and various other types of commercial establishments with landlord-tenant litigation.

If you are in a dispute over any of the following matters, please speak with an attorney from Firth, Bunn, Kerr, Neill immediately:

  • Missed or Late Rent Payments
  • Breach of Lease
  • Overcharged Rent Disputes
  • Property Damage Disputes
  • Fixture Damage or Fixture Related Disputes
  • Evictions
  • Collections
  • Common Assessed Maintenance
  • Constructive Eviction

Landlord - Tenant contractual relationships occasionally result in dispute. When they do, Firth, Bunn, Kerr, Neill ensures our clients are provided efficient and experienced representation.

Landlord Litigation Lawyer in West Texas and Southern New Mexico

In landlord-tenant disputes, far too much is involved for either party to attempt to resolve the matter without the assistance of a skilled legal counsel. In the representation of the landlord, Firth, Bunn, Kerr, Neill protects landlord's rights and ensures that every available legal remedy is sought for recovery.

Commercial landlord-tenant laws in Texas and New Mexico encompass the legal relationship between a landlord and a business tenant. However, residential landlord-tenant laws differ greatly from those operating under the terms of a commercial lease agreement. Employing an attorney who is knowledgeable about the difference between the two areas of law will serve to save you time and money in the future. Firth, Bunn, Kerr, Neill is an established elite west Texas and Southern New Mexico real estate litigation firm. Backed by distinguishable accomplishments, we have represented businesses locally and nationally in both commercial and residential tenancies.

Involved in a Residential Landlord - Tenant Dispute?

In residential leases, unlike under commercial leases, the rights of the tenants are more closely defined under Texas and New Mexico law in order to protect the tenant. Under residential leases, landlords must maintain fire and smoke alarms, locks and the general safety of the leased premises. It is important to review your current lease terms and situation with an attorney before taking any action.

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