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J. CRAWFORD KERR-In Memoriam (1953-2019)


J's practice includes banking, business consulting and probate. As a probate attorney, J deals with the legal process during which the will of a deceased is validated; the assets of the deceased are inventoried; and all debts, creditor claims (including applicable lawsuits) and taxes are paid. Once it is determined who is entitled by the probate proceedings, the remaining assets that were left in the will are distributed to the named beneficiaries and heirs.

In addition to probate, the types of cases J handles involve business disputes of all types including partnership breakups, fraudulent transfer claims and surety claims. J also represents various clients involved in merger and acquisitions and real estate transactions.

Contact: JKerr@FBKNlaw.com

Gloria Gonzalez-Zubeck
Paralegal to J. Crawford Kerr, Sherilyn A. Bunn, and Edward DeV. Bunn

Contact: GZubeck@FBKNlaw.com

Gloria Gonzalez-Zubeck obtained her B.A. in English from the University of Texas at El Paso. Her career as a paralegal spans 29 years, with a concentration in plaintiff's and defense litigation. Gloria has performed with El Paso Pro Musica's Chamber Choir and El Paso Opera. She is currently performing with the El Paso Chamber Choir and is a paid section leader with St. Mark's United Methodist Church choir.

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