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Assistance with Change of Ownership of Business Entity

The purchase, sale, or modification of a business ownership may be an in-depth process. One of the most important concerns for the seller of a business is the protection from liability after the sale transaction. However, business ownership purchasers too must be aware of potential liability exposure by acquiring an on-going business concern. These types of transactions typically involving financial relationships with other business owners, real and personal property transfers and business operations issues often can be very complex. Therefore, in even the simplest of business transactions, the assistance of a skilled business transactional attorney is an invaluable asset to protect your interests and to provide you with the knowledge to make informed business decisions concerning your rights and responsibilities prior to, during and subsequent to any change in business ownership.

At Firth, Bunn, Kerr, Neill, our skilled transactional business knowledge helps ensure all necessary agreements related to your business transaction are specifically tailored to your needs. Often during a business transaction a valuation of the business at issue needs to be performed to provide all parties with a reasonable understanding of the value to be transferred—our firm can assist you in obtaining these necessary valuations to ensure you are provided the most accurate and complete information related to the business transaction.

In addition to those issues, business transaction may give rise to a multitude of other ancillary issues related to such matters as real estate, employees, pension plans, human resources, good-will, personal property, inventory, intellectual property and affiliated business interests, all of which potentially could give rise to liabilities which need to be considered during any business transaction. The business transactional attorneys in our firm are skilled at ferretting out these potential liabilities and taking all required action to protect you in the transaction by providing you with a complete understanding of all probable ramifications of the business transaction to provide you with the smoothest and most informed transaction possible.

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