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Contract Disputes

Firth, Bunn, Kerr, Neill provides the legal counsel to our clients that are facing contract disputes, whether they are accused of violating their contractual terms and obligations or if they fulfilled their obligations and the other contracting party has failed to uphold the terms of their agreement. Our firm supports clients with skilled legal representation in all types of industries throughout the states of Texas and New Mexico, and is recognized as a premier legal team in litigating any breach of contract, or defending those accused of such violations.

In many cases, contract disputes are resolved in a less costly manner that trial—through negotiations and dispute resolution practices. Our attorneys fully understand the importance of avoiding costly litigation whenever possible. However, when there is no alternative to taking the case to court, your case will be prepared diligently and professionally for presentation. Firth, Bunn, Kerr, Neill represents our corporate clients with premier professional skill and our creative and insightful attorneys are prepared to discuss your case and advise you how to move forward.

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