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Military Courts-Martial (U.C.M.J.)

Being accused of a crime while on active duty in the military can be a traumatic experience, particularly due to the United States Military’s unique criminal system. Criminal trials in the military are known as courts-martial. Criminal allegations in a Court-Martial have similar charges to those of the civilian criminal system; however, the court-martial process differs significantly from a civilian criminal trial, which is the reason that the attorney representing you must have extensive court-martial litigation experience. Sherilyn A. Bunn at Firth Bunn Kerr Neill has litigated hundreds of Courts-Martial, both as a prosecutor and as defense counsel with a proven track record of success. Ms. Bunn has extensive experience on Fort Bliss and working with your military defense counsel.

Military Administrative Matters

United States Members of Armed Services may be involuntarily separated from their service by administrative separation. The bases for administrative separation may range from minor misconduct to medical and other family-related issues. Although administrative separation from the military service may be less severe than courts-martial, these types of separations can still impose significant effects upon future employability and eligibility for Veterans’ Benefits.

If you are being considered for administrative separation from the military,or being charged with a court martial, Firth Bunn Kerr Neill encourages you to call for a consultation to discuss your case.

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